Professional co-development is a method and a rigorous process that supports the exchange of practical knowledge to improve practices or skills in a professional field.

  • When you join one of the Agricultrices du Québec’s professional co-development cohorts, you commit to attending the four to six meetings (depending on the size of the group)

  • Each group is made up of 6 to 10 women farmers and does not change once the meetings get under way;

  • Each group member assumes the role of the client for one session: the group spends one hour focusing on the client’s problem situation.

The objectives of professional co-development are as follows:

  • To improve your professional practice;

  • To belong to a help group in which you feel supported;

  • To develop your interpersonal skills and your capacity to help and be helped.

Participants will ultimately be able to draw on the momentum of the group to take action.

One fundamental rule : confidentiality is mandatory; it allows participants to engage in the process authentically. Our guiding values are commitment, mutual help, and respect towards all members of the group.

Registration and fees

This service is open to all women agricultural entrepreneurs who are established or are developing their business activities in Canada, regardless of their agricultural sector, sales, nature of business or growth stage.

Fees :

$250 for members of the Agricultrices du Québec;

$450 for non-members.

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